Britt Storkson
For Oregon State Representative District 52…May 17, 2022 Primary election

I'm Britt Storkson and I'm running for Oregon State Representative District 52 which includes part of The Dalles, Hood River, Cascade Locks, parts of North East Portland and surrounding areas. I'm 67, married and have lived just outside of The Dalles, Oregon for 40 years. I'm a water pumping specialist and make computer controls primarily for water pumping, fertilizer injection and floatless tank fill applications.

Contact information: Phone: 541-296-3792 e-mail [email protected]

Why I'm running for State Representative

I became much more interested in the functions of government after a government agency installed power lines on my property. I went to work one day and came back to find power lines strung across my property.  No permissions, no easement, no court order, nothing like that.
It was suggested that I run for a seat on the board of this government agency to make sure that this would never happen to anybody else.  But for the “crime” of running for public office I was doxed, defamed, threatened, fined $1,800.00 and faced jail time.  In a secret trial.  Just a few months after my wife died unexpectedly. 
So far this effort to “cancel” me has cost the taxpayers about $250,000.00.  Please also note that one does not have do anything dishonest, immoral or illegal to merit punishment.  All it takes is saying something that the ruling elites do not like.
If that wasn’t enough tax money was used to undercut my election even though (I discovered later) these elections were rigged so I was never going to win no matter how many votes I got.  This is nothing new.  History records many instances of dictators and tyrants using these tactics to silence their opposition. It's not easy being "clean" and I've "paid the price".
Right now our government operates more like a Banana Republic instead of a Constitutional Republic put in place by our founders.  The rule of law doesn’t mean anything.  The Constitution doesn’t mean anything either.  All that matters are the “mandates” we get from the ruling elites.  They “rule” us using fear and threats using instead of building trust and confidence as public servants.   
In most cases our "rulers" are taking money from those they are supposed to oversee and regulate.

Let's have a Constitutional republic instead of a Banana Republic

We have become more like a banana republic where if you want a court judgement you buy the judge. If you want something from government you buy the politician. Elections mean nothing because it is not possible to freely elect those to serve us [and wield power over us] or "throw the bums out" when they don't. Hitler and Stalin held elections as well as most every third world dictator in power today. The problem is that the elections don't mean anything because the only ones who win are appointed by those in power, not elected by the people. Josef Stalin once said: "It matters not who votes...What matters is who counts the votes". That's not the country we have been traditionally and certainly not the country most of us want. Many U.S. veterans fought and died so that our country WOULD NOT turn into that type of country. That's why I'm running...For freedom, liberty and justice for ALL...For government by and for the people. Not government sold to the highest bidder.

Also have you noticed how the politicians are more than willing to inflict pain if you don't give them everything they want? State employees that provide vital services such as Department of Motor Vehicles, schoolteachers and even life and death services such as police and fire protection get budget cuts that result in furloughs, 4-day work weeks, etc. Yet the campaign contributors never get cut. They always get regular budget increases. No budget cuts or furloughs for them. Please also note that campaign contributions are given not only to promote certain things but also to insure that the politician does not oppose certain things. That way the politician can claim to be against this or that issue (and collect campaign contributions for that stated purpose) while not doing anything to oppose it.

These are not Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal issues. These are what we are as a country issues. I have talked to a lot of people and have yet to find even one person who is FOR secret trials, rigged elections and governments and monopoly utilities giving our money secretly to terrorists or other criminal organizations. However I have yet to find one politician who will even release a statement condemning secret trials, rigged elections and government money going in secret to terrorist or criminal organizations, much less do anything to stop these practices. The only people who want these things are the ruling class who want unlimited power over their fellow citizens.

I am troubled about the contempt for the average citizen expressed by the politicians. You know, we would really like free and fair, impartial elections because we want to be able to elect those who rule over us. That's the American way, isn't it? We don't want governments and monopoly utilities maintaining dossiers on the citizens because we think government should operate ethically. Why is operating honestly and ethically a problem? We don't want governments and monopoly utilities giving our money in secret to terrorists and other criminal organizations because we don't want ourselves and our family members to get blown up with a pressure-cooker bomb like the poor folks in Boston were. Is that too much to ask? We don't want our money used to pay for lawyers to defend criminal activities by governments and monopoly utilities because we want to discourage criminal activity, not reward or defend it. The response by the politicians to our appeals is something like: What are you? Some kind of nut? We don't owe you anything! If the politician represents only those who contribute money to him/her it only follows that the politician doesn't owe us anything.

My Stand on important issues for our Oregon (to cite a few)

Columbia River Crossing (CRC)...The proposed bridge spanning the Columbia River: This bridge proposal is on a pace to become the first bridge in the history of the world to cost $1 Billion before a single shovel of dirt is turned. This colossal waste of taxpayer money illustrates once again the lack of leadership and good management in Salem. The I-35 bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, Minnesota was similar to the CRC proposal and was rebuilt in a little over a year for about $250 Million. If they can do it we can do it with our bridge.

"Driver privilege cards" for illegal aliens and related issues: I have been endorsed by Oregonians for Immigration reform and helped gather signatures to put this question on the ballot. As I stated above: If we are going to have any law we need to enforce it uniformly - or don't have it. My cousin is a missionary to Thailand and has a Thai wife. They are continually frusterated by faithfully trying to follow the rules regarding immigration laws and then watch while illegal aliens simply move in to our country. Rep. Huffman was instrumental in passing the "driver privelege card" law as well as in-state tuition for illegal aliens. If elected I will work to repeal both of these laws.

Gun control...2nd Amendment rights: While I have never owned a gun and have no interest in guns I am as pro 2nd amendment as you can get. Every American should have the right (and do, according to our constitution) to own guns. My opponent, Rep. Huffman may claim to be pro 2nd amendment but he can take money from the gun control lobby. This money insures that Rep. Huffman will not oppose anti-gun legislation even when he has the power to do so. That way he can refuse to oppose anti-gun legislation and still pass himself off to the voters as being "for" 2nd Amendment rights.

Oregon and the right to work: If elected I will support "right to work" legislation if for no other reason that it creates and retains jobs. One need no other proof than to look at the Boeing Aircraft company in Washington state. Many high-paying avaition jobs have been lost to South Carolina and other states because they are right to work states.

Taxation: What is important about taxation is not so much what form of taxation we have (sales tax, property tax, income tax, etc.). What is important is that whatever tax we have that everyone pays the same rate. With widely divergent tax rates for different people we are now much like George Orwells' Animal Farm where "all of the animals are equal but some are more equal than others".